NFC Pro is a leading provider of NFC cards for business communication, offering a revolutionary solution that combines convenience, technology, and environmental consciousness. With 18 years of experience in paper visiting card printing business. We are at NFC Pro recognizes the potential of NFC cards as the future of business communication.

NFC (Near Field Communication) cards have transformed the way we share contact information. By simply tapping an NFC card to a smartphone, users can effortlessly exchange their digital business cards. These cards consist of two components: a digital business card and an NFC tag.

The NFC tags provided by NFC Pro come in various forms, including stickers, pop sockets, keychains, and physical cards. Each tag contains a small microchip that stores information linked to your business card. When tapped to another smartphone, the NFC tag automatically displays the associated information, such as your contact details.

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NFC Card – Revolutionizing Business Communication and Sustainability

How do NFC cards actually work?

NFC Pro offers a user-friendly business card application that supports NFC cards. To create your NFC card, all you need is an NFC tag. By writing your digital business card onto the tag, you can easily share it with others through a simple tap.

Creating NFC cards with NFC Pro is a straightforward process. To get started, visit and register for an account. Once registered, you can make the necessary payment and proceed to design your NFC card. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize your card according to your preferences, ensuring a professional and personalized representation of your business.

In addition to the convenience and technological advancements offered by NFC cards, NFC Pro also emphasizes the environmental benefits. By embracing NFC technology and replacing traditional paper visiting cards, NFC Pro is committed to reducing paper waste and promoting a greener approach to business communication.

NFC Pro is at the forefront of NFC card printing, delivering high-quality NFC cards and NFC tags for efficient and eco-friendly business communication. With a simple tap, users can effortlessly exchange digital business cards, making networking and contact sharing more convenient than ever before. Embrace the future of business communication with NFC Pro and experience the advantages of NFC technology for yourself.